White Tiger Fishing was formed from an idea that started in April 2012 when a good friend of mine ask me if I could get tigernuts from Spain seeing now I was living here.    
I was buying a few locally for my fishing from time to time and said I would look into it.

I found a company in the Valencia region of Spain and got my wife to call them as my Spanish wasn’t great. 
So we arranged to go there and have a look, we met the owner who was happy to give my wife and me the grand tour of the premises and all the family history from 1947 onwards when his father started growing them.

It was a spectacular sight to see so many thousands of kilos of tigernut being rotated daily to air dry them with giant fans bolted to the outer walls.
It was at this point the owner put his hand in the tigernuts and threw a handful in his mouth and started eating them and then another handful for me to eat,
I thought no way am I risking breaking my teeth, but to my surprise after he explained to my wife that they are soft like a dried raisin almost and nothing like anything I’d ever bought before in the UK.

So this was the start for me looking into all the other tigernut products that are produced from this single Tuber! as it’s known here in Spain. CYPERUS ESCULENTUS LATIVUM is the Latin name or CHUFA to the Spanish is not actually a nut but a Tuber.

First discovered 4000 years ago in Africa and used by the Egyptians for its healing and health properties. Valued so much by the Egyptians that tigernuts were found amongst their most valuble of possessions inside some Sarcophaguses .

Different studies have been conducted in Europe, where tigernuts arrived into the Iberian Peninsula and cultivated in Valencia by the Arabs.

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